Hi, All,

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished my part in recording a new CD, In Sight. As usual, Ed Edwards is recording engineer, lead guitarist, and backup vocalist. The album has fifteen songs, twelve originals and three covers. It should be out in September. I'll write another post when it's up on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.

Sorry I've been quiet for awhile. I've been busy working on the songs for the new album and doing gigs as "conference bard" for several conferences on "positive aging." I'm also learning to play "cigarbox slide guitar," a three-string instrument that has a funky, old-time blues sound. My next-door neighbor Rick is a professional dobro player, so he quickly oriented me to basic slide techniques, and I'm liking the way it sounds. I'm also working with my trumpet teacher to add some muted trumpet lead breaks to my blues songs. Needless to say, I'm still having a blast learning and performing and creating music. 

I just uploaded a new picture in the photo gallery section of the website. It was taken just a few weeks ago as I was rocking the audience at a birthday party.

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